​Why there are not any USB ports inside the new Teslas

We already knew that Elon Musk and associates have been offering Teslas for a while that are not pretty that entire, because there are absolutely not sufficient chips to supply all the ones cars. A component has now been delivered, due to the fact Teslas have been rolling off the manufacturing line without USB ports for a few days now.
It issues new Model three and Model Y automobiles, Electrek writes. The striking component is that owners most effective find out when they select up the automobile: Tesla does now not appear to have actively communicated about this. It has now indicated the cause for the lacking USB ports, specifically that chip scarcity.

Chip scarcity
Sony is tormented by it with its PlayStation 5 consoles, Nintendo has already needed to reduce the production of its Switch and the brand new Valve Steamdeck has also been postponed because of that chip scarcity. The horrific component is that there is a danger that we can pay more for our devices, with a lot shortage available on the market. Or we get the opportunity: gadgets that use fewer chips. This has additionally been noticed at different producers, particularly a certain form of PlayStation five.

We also are seeing more issues with chips in the automotive branch. GM and Ford seem to have shut down whole production traces because of it, BMW has eliminated its touchscreens from its new models and GM has eliminated wi-fi charging and gasoline management skills from the motors in an effort to be capable of deliver them.

It all must be smart
We are afraid that we can soon be capable of write articles each day about products which can be extra expensive, which might be delayed or that elements are missing because of the chip shortage, which has everything to do with the corona virus and the reality that there is simplest an increasing number of call for for chips. Has come, the extra we need the handiest merchandise to turn out to be ‘smart’ and vehicles even ‘self-using’.

It is a unhappiness if you pass over some thing beneficial like USB-C ports for your ultramodern Tesla vehicle. They are absent from the center console inside the front and rear. Also, the wireless charging option of the car could not paintings. This is all very traumatic, particularly because there has been no conversation approximately it in advance. A Tesla isn’t always a cheap vehicle and is thought for all its current devices: it’s miles important that those ports are missing.

Tesla Model three and Y
The car organization does have a solution for this: it expects that the gates will still be to be had in December, via which time proprietors of a gateless Model 3 or Model Y could make an appointment to have them established. We surprise if Tesla will indeed have that a great deal inventory for the USB ports by using then.

Moreover, it’s miles of course nevertheless annoying which you receive a automobile that isn’t pretty as you will assume. There is also now not a Tesla storage on each road corner wherein you can still have something like this fixed, which makes it a bit more problem. On the other hand, you will therefore have that lovely new car under your buttocks a touch earlier.

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